Vacation Rentals

In order to make your hunt for the perfect getaway even easier, we have organized your options by the number of bedrooms. Just click on the number of bedrooms you are looking for and choose from the list that appears. To narrow your search even more we have a description of the villa. If you would like to receive any additional information please e-mail us . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Happy hunting!
Homes highlighted in blue are BEACH/OCEANFRONT locations
HIGH SEASON : Dec 15 – Apr 14 (Prices listed are per week)
LOW SEASON : Apr 15 – Dec 14
CHRISTMAS : 2 Week Minimum
(Subject to change without notice) 9% Tax Not Included

1 Bedroom

Studios - 1 BDRM Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Atlantis 1$2,400.00$1,900.00$3,000.00Simpson Bay {D}
Bisou du Soleil$3,500.00$2,500.00$6,500.00Pelican Key {D}
Casa de Bella1$2,850.00$1,800.00$4,000.00Simpson Bay{D}
The Guest House @ Colony-Manor1$2,200.00$1,600.00$2,700.00Simpson Bay {D}
The Guest House @ Colony-Manor B1$2,100.00$1,500.00$2,600.00Simpson Bay {D}
La Casita1$3,000.00$2,000.00$5,000.00Beacon Hill {D}
Mille Fleurs 1$8,000.00$5,000.00$18,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Ocean Royale $4,500.00$3,500.00$12,000.00Indigo Bay {D}
Rendezvous at Las Arenas $3,230.00$2,380.00$4,500.00Simpson Bay {D}
Unforgettable at Las Arenas $3,923.00$2,890.00$5,465.00Simpson Bay {D}

2 Bedroom

2 BDRMBaths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Aqua Vue @ Porto Cupecoy$2,850.00$2,350.00$7,000.00Cupecoy {D}
Bisou du Soleil $3,800.00$2,900.00$6,500.00Pelican Key {D}
Caribbean Paradise2$1,960.00$1,260.00$2,500.00Cupecoy {D}
Casa de Bella$2,850.00$1,800.00$4,000.00Simpson Bay {D}
Coco Beach House$3,150.00$2,500.00$4,200.00Simpson Bay {D}
Colony Manor Belair2$1,960.00$1,260.00$2,500.00Belair {D}
Dreams Come True$6,700.00$4,900.00$13,000.00Cupecoy {D}
Faja Lobie2$4,200.00$3,200.00$7,500.00Beacon Hill {D}
Frangi Pani$3,500.00$2,500.00$5,500.00Lowlands {F}
La Casita$3,400.00$2,400.00$5,000.00Beacon Hill {D}
Logans Run$2,800.00$2,000.00$4,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Mahogany$3,600.00$2,900.00$12,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Marisol3$2,100.00$1,600.00$3,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Mille Fleurs 2$9,000.00$5,500.00$18,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Ocean Royale$4,500.00$3,500.00$12,000.00Indigo Bay {D}
Rendez vous at Las Arenas$3,630.00$2,780.00$4,500.00Simpson Bay {D}
Sea la Vie 2$3,100.00$2,400.00$3,800.00Simpson Bay {D}
Unforgettable at Las Arenas $4,408.00$3,376.00$5,465.00Simpson Bay {D}
Villa Dream in Blue$7,500.00$6,000.00$19,000.00Happy Bay {F}
TWO Bedrooms Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location

3 Bedroom

3 BDRMBaths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Aqua Vue @ Porto Cupecoy$3,850.00$3,000.00$7,000.00Cupecoy {D}
Bisou du Soleil$4,700.00$3,500.00$6,500.00Pelican Key {D}
Caribbean Blue $7,900.00$5,000.00$18,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Casa de Bella$2,850.00$1,800.00$4,000.00Simpson Bay {D}
Daffodil3$7,500.00$5,500.00   n/aPelican Key {D}
Dreams Come True$6,700.00$4,900.00$13,000.00Cupecoy {D}
Faja Lobie3$5,200.00$3,900.00$7,500.00Beacon Hill {D}
Frangi Pani$4,500.00$3,000.00$5,500.00Lowlands {F}
La Casita3$3,800.00$2,500.00$5,000.00Beacon Hill {F}
La Di Da 3$5,400.00$4,000.00$9,400.00Pelican Key {D}
Mille Fleurs 3$9,500.00$6,000.00$18,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Ocean Edge 223$5,250.00$4,550.00$10,500.00Indigo Bay{D}
Ocean Royale $5,500.00$4,000.00$12,000.00Indigo Bay {D}
Porto Blue $4,200.00$3,000.00$6,300.00Cupecoy {D}
Provence$4,500.00$3,500.00$10,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Royal Palm 1013$3,500.00$2,500.00$4,200.00Simpson Bay {D}
Seachest3$5,200.00$3,700.00$8,500.00Cupecoy {D}
Sea True Villa$5,000.00$3,500.00$6,900.00Maho {D}
Villa Bonjour3$6,500.00$4,500.00$13,000.00Beacon Hill {D}
Villa Dream in Blue$8,500.00$6,700.00$18,000.00Happy Bay {F}
Villa Tara$4,500.00$3,200.00$7,900.00Beacon Hill {D}
THREE Bedrooms Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location

4 Bedroom

4 BDRM Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Aqua Vue @ Porto Cupecoy$4,500.00$3,500.00$7,000.00Cupecoy {D}
Bella Vita$14,000.00$11,200.00$40,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Caribbean Blue$8,600.00$5,700.00$18,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Casa Sunshine4$9,500.00$8,000.00$20,000.00Guana Bay{D}
Daffodil5$9,000.00$6,500.00n/aPelican Key {D}
Dreams Come True4 1/2 $8,100.00$5,850.00$13,000.00Cupecoy {D}
La Di Da 4$5,800.00$4,500.00$9,400.00Pelican Key{D}
Les Jardin De Bellevue$12,500.00$9,000.00$31,500.00Bellevue (F}
Mille Fleurs 4$10,500.00$7,000.00$18,000.00Terre Basse {F)
Provence$5,000.00$3,500.00$10,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Seachest 4$6,200.00$4,700.00$8,500.00Cupecoy {D}
Villa Bonjour4$7,500.00$5,500.00$13,000.00Beacon Hill {D}
Villa Dream in Blue$9,500.00$7,200.00$19,000.00Happy Bay{F}
Villa Tara$5,200.00$3,900.00$7,900.00Beacon Hill {D}
Four Bedrooms Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location

5+ Bedroom

5 Bdrm+Bdrms Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Bella Vita6$21,000.00$16,800.00$40,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Bella Vita7$24,500.00$19,600.00$40,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Caribbean Blue5$9,400.00$6,400.00$18,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Casa Sunshine5$11,000.00$8,500.00$25,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Casa Sunshine6$12,500.00$10,000.00$25,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Casa Sunshine7$14,000.00$11,500.00$25,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Casa Sunshine8$16,000.00$13,500.00$25,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Casa Sunshine9$18,000.00$15,500.00$25,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Casa Sunshine1010½$20,000.00$17,500.00$25,000.00Guana Bay {D}
C’est La Vie66$52,000.00**$39,000.00$85,000.00**Plum Bay {F}
Daffodil55$10,000.00$7,500.00n/aPelican Key {D}
Dreams Come True5$9,680.00$6,850.00$13,000.00Cupecoy {D}
Les Jardin de Bellevue55 ½$14,900.00$9,600.00$31,500.00Bellevue {F}
Les Jardin de Bellevue66 ½$16,100.00$10,600.00$31,500.00Bellevue {F}
Les Jardin de Bellevue77 ½$17,300.00$11,800.00$31,500.00Bellevue {F}
Les Jardin de Bellevue87 ½$18,500.00$13,200.00$31,500.00Bellevue {F}
Mes Amis77 ½$23,800.00$18,200.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis88 ½$26,975.00$21,325.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis99 ½$30,150.00$24,450.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis1010 ½$33,850.00$27,050.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis1111 ½$37,500.00$29,650.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis1212 ½$41,250.00$32,250.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis1313 ½$45,000.00$35,000.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Mes Amis1414 ½$45,000.00$35,000.00$70,000.00Terre Basse {F}
Provence5$6,000.00$4,000.00$10,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Provence66$7,000.00$4,700.00$10,000.00Pelican Key {D}
Sandyline44$43,000.00$31,500.00$130,500.00Terre Basse {F}
Sandyline55$45,000.00$34,500.00$130,500.00Terre Basse {F}
Sandyline6 +17$51,000.00$36,500.00$136,500.00Terre Basse {F}
Villa Amalia56$21,000.00$13,000.00$30,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Villa Amalia67$21,000.00$14,500.00$30,000.00Guana Bay {D}
Villa Amalia7$22,120.00$15,620.00$30,000.00Guana Bay {D}
La Villa Salee68$19,600.00$15,400.00$24,500.00Pelican Key {D}
Villa Tara5$5,900.00$4,600.00$7,900.00Beacon Hill {D}
Witenblauw Estate5-117$21,000.00$14,500.00$28,000.00Pelican Key {D}
FIVE BDRMS & UPBdrmsBathsHigh SeasonLow SeasonXmasLocation

Other Islands

Anguilla (+18% tax!)Bdrms Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Exclusivity (incl. private chef)55Please contact us for pricingPlease contact us for pricingPlease contact us for pricingAnguilla
La Residence11Please contact us for pricingAnguilla
SABA Bdrms Baths High Season Low Season Xmas Location
Hibiscus Cottage22$1,750.00$1,400.00$2,100.00Saba
Hibiscus Cottage MONTHLY RATE22$7,500.00$5,000.00MONTHLY RATESaba
The House on the Path1 ½1$1,295.00$1,050.00$1,400.00Saba